Hank Shocklee Set To Drop Bombs On Worldwide Smash

“Geeked” doesn’t even begin to describe my anticipation for this week’s show.  Hank motherfucking Shocklee of the Bomb Squad, easily one of the most influential sonic auteurs of the last century, will be coming by Worldwide Smash to lay down some heavy bass and give the dirty on his always challenging and engaging projects.  If for some reason you’re not knowing, The Bomb Squad have been heavy on the sub-bass scene for a while now, regularly leaking lava-hot mixes of full scale sonic assault, and popping up at bass events around the country.  I’ll have to let the man himself break down some of the other tricks he has up his sleeve, including a “what’s next” series of projects called Future Frequency, and enough digital and multi-media projects to make even a computer-inclined individual such as myself dizzy.

You can keep up with Hank at his online hub Shocklee.com, and I highly recommend following him on twitter, where he regularly dishes out links to mixes, production tips, new media theory, and other essentials for the digital age.  It’s going to be a LOUD show, so tune in expecting to hear some serious NOISE!

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