FaltyDL In The Place

FaltyDL was actually in the building for the very first episode of Worldwide Smash to visit his friend and my first guest, Mike Slott.  Such is his humility though that he was content to listen as Mike did his thing, and our listeners remained unaware that not one, but two of the freshest producers of current electronic music were in the booth that night.  This week he’s back to do his thing proper, and I’m not exactly sure what to expect other than some amazing and challenging music.

With only a handful of years releasing records, FaltyDL has pretty much confounded anyone trying to categorize his music.  His album Love Is A Liability for Planet Mu was one of the most acclaimed electronic releases of 2009, and his singles and remixes for labels such as Rush Hour, LuckyMe & Hotflush continue to push in new directions, all the while remaining DJ essentials.  His DJ sets tend to include everything from current dubstep and house to classic IDM and drum and bass, but don’t be surprised if we hear something completely different this week.

The “All In The Place” EP is out now on Rush Hour, and New Yorkers can catch DL this Friday 8/6 at the always banging Turbotax party at The Cove in Williamsburg along with Todd Edwards & Lemondade.

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